Fail-over from 4G-LTE to wifi


I am using my mudi on the camping site and use the 4G modem as my main WAN. However I would like that in case a problem with 4G arises, the router switches over to the WiFi of the camping site. When 4G returns, it should switch back again. If I try the repeater option, the WiFi remains the 1 st choice and it seems there arises a conflict with the 4G connection

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You should be able to change the WAN order:

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Thx for the feedback, tried that but it seems to connect to both WiFi and 4G at the same time causing a kind of instability and interference. I would prefer that it only tries to connect to the wifi when my 4G is failing.

Some 4G bands interfere with 2.4G WiFi. So try use 5G WiFi as repeater and AP.

Today, I was at the camping site and changed etc/config/network metric. To my surprise the value was changed back after a short while. How is this possible?

Pls change in both files


Also it may be due to that the interface is re-created.

I did change both files. I really think that every time it re-connects to the WiFi, it does recreate the interface. Maybe somebody knows how to change this?