Failover from DSL to a usb cellular modem

Have a MT300N and was curious how I could set it up as an auto failover from DSL to a usb cellular modem if the DSL goes down? Thank you.

You’ll need to delve into the mysteries of “load balancing” to accomplish this. The MWAN3 module from OpenWRT sets the stage for this functionality. Unfortunately, while it’s quite capable of doing what you want, it’s capable of a raftload of rather sophisticated things like splitting IP flows between a WiFi as wan and other WAN interfaces- as such…it’s a bit difficult to initially set up. You’ll want to read up on the following:

have look here… i use this “trick” works great… need to adjust for your needs…



Please try v2.26 firmware in GL.iNet download center

Please set up the usb modem work as ttyUSB model (not qmi) mode.

If your cable fails the router will use the modem. If cable works it will just use the cable.

AR150 and AR300M works better than MT300N and MT300A, in that they don’t use vlan and network shift much faster.

Dear alzhao, Would you be kind enough to explain what you mean by “set up the usb modem work as ttyUSB model (not qmi) mode” and how does one achieve this? I am currently using the latest firmware version 2.261 on both my MT300N-v2 and AR300M. Thank you in advance for your help in clarifying this.</span>