Failover with multiple repeater networks

I have a Beryl-AX MT3000
I am in a Hotel with an unstable WLAN connection plus I have a hotspot connection enabled on my smartphone. Both these connections are configured on my MT3000 as repeater networks.
Is it possible to configure the failover so that if the Hotel WLAN fails, the router will automatically switch to the hotspot?
Basically I would like to configure the failover with the following priority:

  1. Repeater Network 1 (Hotel WLAN)
  2. Repeater Network 2 (Mobile Hotspot)

Just connect once to each, tell the router to remember it. In the extra options you can “ALLOW SWITCHING TO OTHER NETWORKS”. It will, or should, fail over between them WITHOUT multiwan on. Multiwan uses other interfaces as fallback. Like wireless and wired.