Fan control workaround?

Hi first post here just got the GL-X3000 and just love it compared to my suncomm (02) box. The only gripe I have though is the fan only turns on after 158f or so. Saw a few posts on this but nothing concrete really. Has anyone figured out a solution or workaround? Got a clip on desk fan blowing on it now that drastically reduced the temps but would really like some more control over the internal. Thanks!

You can change the starting temperature of the fan

vi /etc/config/glfan
/etc/init.d/gl_fan restart
cat /sys/class/thermal/cooling_device0/cur_state   --Number of current fan revolutions
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TY! This is just what I needed. Now to figure out how to log into this thing:) Again thank you and this quick helpful reply is why I spent the extra few pennies on the GL-X3000 over my suncomm box.

Use via computer

ssh root@
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That was easy. Thanks again.

Just a quick note as this did work with an issue though. I could not force a fan restart this was the response.

root@GL-X3000:~# etc/init.d/gl_fan restart
-ash: etc/init.d/gl_fan: not found

Tried glfan instead of gl_fan with the same result. However just rooboting the whole device took care of it. Fan is adjustable now how nice!

You added one less


Long day I see that now. Thanks again