Fast on/off switch for VPN

Hello, I hope the question is not too much stupid

I just bought a very beautiful MT3000 I was wondering if there was a way to enable/disable the vpn from android on the router in a fast way (like the tiles in the android drop down menu) or something like that
Maybe with some ifttt would be possible
Because many services block my VPN IP thus I always have to go to and power off or on

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

There is a smartphone app you can search “gl.inet” in Google Play.

There is a site switch on MT3000 and you can configure it to turn on/off vpn.

I already have the app but I was looking for something even more immediate than this

I didn’t understand the second statement maybe you were talking about the button? I also saw that but is not from the phone and if you switch on off from the panel than the button becomes very confusing

Thank you!

Not sure if you’re aware that you can set it up so that traffic to these problematic servers goes to clearnet and everything else to VPN. That works if you have a set of such servers that you visit frequently.

Thank you, at the era of that post I Did not but unfortunately is very hard to whitelist, I don’t know how services always manage to detect the VPN (as netflix, vinted etc) when I looked the most common whitelists per service, or with the network inspector to whitelist each domain

I mean is a quite hard work that doesn’t even work tbh

Yes, Netflix and such are a PITA to passthrough like that. This seems to work only for simplier websites.

Other solution might be to have a separate network (wired, wifi) that is always connecting directly. Then it’s a matter of switching cable or choosing the other wifi to bypass VPN.