Fastest GLI devices


Right now I have an older GL-MT300A running WireGuard server at home. When I travel, I use a GL-AR300M as a WireGuard client.

What GLI devices can I purchase to replace these to get maximum throughput over the WireGuard?

Right now, I’m getting about 40Mbit on the WG server - which is pretty fast. But, wondering if I purchased another GL-AR300M to replace the older GL-MT300A will it be faster? Or Brume?

My service is 1gig up/down - I don’t expect the VPN to sustain that, but obviously would like to use as much of it as possible.


I got 81mbs download and 93mbs upload with the brume using wireguard and mullvad on a “100mbs” fiber connection that I get 114 download and 112 upload on without vpn.

idk what your budget is but I use the beryl as a access point for the brume

For maximum speed, dont let the graphical speed evaluation on web web interface active if you switched it on for useing this. Because that have the possibility to p.e. half the speed of your router.

For now, GL-MV1000 has fastest WireGuard speed. Please note it doesn’t has WiFi.

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I’m not sure what this means, but sounds interesting, can you explain what this means?

One of the gui item offer the possibility to show the traffic graphical. Thats nice, a its reduce the possible traffic speed p.e. to 50%. So switch it on if you use it, a dont forget to disable if you left your webinterface. The exactly value will be depend on hardware and can be some other configuration.

It can be it will be a good product feature, to disable this if no user are logged in the webinterface.

I will add this to the gl user created bug list…

By the way, it can be it will help to speed up the router a little bit and increase the security, to disable not used services. P.e, if you dont use ssh, disable the always running dropebear service. Disable the one or boot ALLWAYS running VPN server on the router if you use only one or zwero of than. The same can be doing for booth allways running VPN clients.

Thanks all for the replies - sorry about the silence on my part.

I might end up trying the GL-MV1000 as @Leo suggested. and a beryl for the road - as @shakan09 mentioned.