[Feature request] Access Point Mode on Network Without DHCP? SFT-1200

It looks like Access Point Mode pulls the IP from DHCP. However, most networks I come across dont have DHCP enabled as they are IT networks.

I can give it internet access in router mode by specifying a static IP, gateway, and DNS, but it looks like it ignores these settings in access point mode.

Any way to give internet and lan access over wifi, to a network without DHCP? Currently the workaround Im using is manually setting the gateway IP address on each client.



Even enterprise networks have a DHCP server when connecting to their APs; usually over 802.1x though.

Access Point mode: Connect to a wired network and broadcast a wireless network.
In this mode, SFT1200 work as FIT AP, will not process any data or features, it only for wired covert to wireless.

How did you do it? Can you give more details?

Can you give more details of it? For example what's the IP/MASK/GW on the router after connecting and on the clients (where you set it manually)?