Feature-Request: Adblock build-in Firmware

Hi There,

I have a suggestion for a feature to be included in the stock GLI-Net Firmware:

It would be a great amendment if there would be an Adblock Plugin already implemented in the firmware. With a Router based Adblock solution any connected client would benefit without the need to implement Adblock on the clients (i.e. Browser). Furthermore it would speed up internet, safe bandwidth and protects the devices from malware and spyware.

There are already solutions for openwrt so it would be relatively easy to implement in the GLI-Net Firmware as well. Available solutions for openwrt range from DNSMasq to the use of privoxy.

It would be great if there was a Webinterface to control the Adblock features (on/off and adding additional sources for the abblocker list as well). Adding an Adblock feature to the stock GLI-Net firmware and the Tot builts would be perfect.

If there is interest and support for this feature request I can provide some Links to already available openwrt Adblock solutions and scripts. Maybe this could help to minimize the efforts and time needed to implement an Adblock solution to the GLI-Net Firmware.

What do you think about an Adblock feature for the GLI-Net firmware?


I think this shouldn’t be default in the GLi firmware, but only as optional package. Personally I wouldn’t use a proxy server for any reason.

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Actually we have tested the adblock features. The difficult thing is, to maintain and expend the rule database.

For DNS based block, please check:

https://koalasafe.com/ and

https://www.plugnplayhub.com/ ,

These two are not really adblock, but rather to block website that has hazard material for your kids. But the techniques are the same. They have to maintain a database, maintain a service, develop apps and marketing the business. See, it is easy for a demo but will takes a lot of effort to make it real product. This is why we don’t have this in our stock firmware.

But a good point, we can provide a firmware that uses opendns, which has the service already and we only need to use their dns server.
For local proxy like Privoxy, we also tried. Privoxy can user rules to block ad in any webpage, or block ad in video streaming. The difficult thing is, how to make the rules. Open database are always not well maintained and it doesn’t worth to implement them in the firmware. Also, if using rules to block the ad in html files, Privoxy will takes a lot of CPU. Hopefully we can do this using MT300N and MT300A, which have more powerful CPUs.




Hi Jeroen,


  • My idea about the Adblock feature be an “option” so that the user can decide if he enables or disables the Adblock feature.

  • The Proxy solution I would likewise prefer a local approach. That means implementation on the Router (e.g. Privoxy) so the user has full control and privacy is respected.


Hi alzhao,

thanks for picking up my suggestion.

Indeed, the main challenge for an router based Adblock solution will be the processing of the lists.

Fortunately, there are already solutions available that are ready for operation:

  • script for an DNSMAsq based openwork Adblock solution





  • scipt for an Privoxy based openwrt Adblock solution (will work with Tor)
  • For the Gargoyle Router-Firmware (is based on openwrt) there is an Adblock package and implementation that comes with an Webinterface


I you take a look at the examples above you will see that the effort for an Adblock implementation is likely be manageable because for the main challenge (processing the lists) there are already good solutions and scripts available.

Hope these informations help you considering the possibilities of my feature request.

@bubblebee, thanks, this is very helpful. Let us check what we can do.

Hi alzhao,

just a quick update:

The openwrt Adblock implementation is developing continuously.

Now there´s an readymade adblock .ipk and the corresponding Luci support available.


Thanks for update. Have you tried and what is the experience?

Hi alzhao,

unfortunately I could not test it yet. As you might know openwrt currently and the last weeks some hardware problems with their server that needed to be replaced. Affected is the DD/trunk downloads; so I was not able to install the packages and test them yet.

In the meantime I tested another Adblock project. Very easy automated installation with just a one-line command. Running very well: fast and reliable adblocking with low memory consumption. Tested with GLiNet6416 running cc1505.

Take a look:


Seems a ipk should be compiled for this package. It should not be so difficult.

You can use Adguard DNS and force clients to use it: AdGuard DNS — ad-blocking DNS server

Use these servers to block ads, tracking and phishing