[Feature request] Add password reset


You already support sending emails or SMS (see here)

It will be really helpful if you will integrate password reset option via email or SMS. I don’t think that would be hard. Just add button “reset” if clicked -> send admin password via email -> after login require to change it.

@yuxin.zou what do you think about this?

None of any routers I know support this reset for security reasons.

I would not feel safe if such a function would be around.

No, hell no. This will drastically decrease your security. Use password manager instead.

You mean make email server on router?
You mean pay SMS server on router?
Of course not.
Reset password must have local devices.
If thing online service for reset password then have SMS or email or two factor or one time...

I don't think this is a good idea ...... is too difficult to use and the risk factor is too high.
In terms of solving the problem of forgetting passwords, maybe allowing users to send new passwords down through the cloud after binding to a cloud account is a better solution.

Better not. Does not sound safe & secure.

What happens, if you are offline? Then you have a button with no functionality.

No, no, no. I think they just should have reset option via trusted APP user.