Feature request: additional side switch VPN toggle option

This is a minor thing–but I know the side switch can be used to toggle VPN on/off (and I believe it can toggle other things like AdGuard on/off).

What I couldn’t find in the UI as an option would be to toggle between two VPN options, For example, by default I may want to use a VPN service like Nord, Proton, etc. But occasionally I also need to VPN into my home for access to some resource like file storage. I would love to see an option to let me move the switch left for a VPN service, and right for my custom home wireguard setup.

This isn’t a huge deal since you can access it via the web UI quickly enough, but this would be a more useful switch mode for me using my Beryl as a travel router, as compared to on/off (which I would still be able to toggle through the web UI).

Similar requirement. I’ll give a more detailed guide for modifying related code later.

Fantastic, really looking forward to getting this working.

If you can share some code that would be great and please confirm what firmware code was written with so easier to implement (I know on the ‘WiFi on/off with side switch’ thread some people got confused that certain other code shown didn’t exist/line numbers didn’t match etc as they were using different firmware versions, if we know what version the code was written for it makes things a lot easier :slight_smile: )

Ps yuxin.zou thought the use case sounded informative when I asked on the feature requests 2023 thread (did have some concerns about implementation though which I covered a couple of posts lower down), whilst I would take anything that works at the moment I would really prefer to get this feature added into the main gl.inet firmware as a selectable option for the side switch. I have many friends and family that would benefit from this but have near zero technical knowledge, the basic ‘friendly’ gl.inet firmware is the limit of what they would ever dare touch and even then only whilst following specific step by step instructions or being guided ‘click this, click that’ over the phone, there is zero chance they would ever dare install LuCI let alone use it, far too scary and likely to mess things up they think - these are the people who would gain the most from this feature but would be locked out from it otherwise.

I can try and initially configure it for them with script (or possible LuCI option yuxin.zou mentioned) but then they would never be able to update the firmware ever again or would lose the dual VPN switch config, definitely not good from a security standpoint and they’d miss any future bug fixes/new features as well.

PPs the gl.inet smart phone app was mentioned and this is very nice but it’s still too scary looking for any of my friends or family that I showed it to (the app will completely change how the router operates (which is the whole point of the app of course) but there’s no undo option if they mess up and they’re scared they would do and be unable to get back to any working config), many of these non technical users don’t even own a smartphone anyway so not an option regardless.

Sorry such a long post but to summarise this would be a great time saver for the technical users but literally life changing for the non technical users, please look for a way to also add this feature into the basic ‘friendly’ gl.inet firmware so those who would benefit the most don’t get left behind.


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Here is the reference code for firmware 3.x: