Feature request and current possible workarounds

Hello, I have the flint2 as well as some other glinet routers. Aside from the bugs in the flint2, I highly like the router. But I have a feature request related to multi-WAN and a question on workarounds in the meantime.

So I like using the multi-WAN as I have both Xfinity and t-mobile home internet. I really would like to use load-balancing, but there is two individual devices that must use the Xfinity side because they rely on the modem to stream live TV services. Now while I personally don’t get wanting to watch the tv services and it’s for others in the home, I can’t take advantage of the load balancing capabilities because there is no way on the glinet ui side of things to set certain devices to route to one vs the other and they will likely end up unable to watch tv services at random if randomly assigned to t-mobile. While a WireGuard client and server work to get around that, it’s not very efficient and I was wanting to ask if similar to vpn server and router if the setting certain devices to use only one connection or the other so load balancing can work without putting those specific devices onto the wrong network. Is something like this in the works? I imagine it would be much similar to the policy-based routing in the vpn client and server configuration. It’s frustrating and I’d like to use the load balancing but I’m forced not to due to this pretty big limitation.

And in the meantime, until something like this possibly becoming available, what is the work around to assign these two tv boxes to route only through Ethernet and not tethering? I also wish I could set the second wan to the first gigabit port because it’s a waste to use it on my t-mobile home internet I feel like the first lan on the flint2 should have also been a WAN/LAN port to give you the option because I rely on a usb Ethernet adaptor otherwise and it feels like a waste but it’s completely unrelated just my thoughts. Anyway I hope someone can help me and I appreciate the help. Thank you!

policy routing

for wman use see forum here

lowest level, ip route manually