Feature Request: Automatic VPN Failover for Flint 2 (MT6000)

Hello GL.iNet Team and Community,

I am reaching out to discuss a potential enhancement for the Flint 2 router (MT6000) regarding VPN reliability and failover capabilities. Currently, I route my entire network through a WireGuard VPN using Mullvad. However, an issue arises when a specific Mullvad server goes down, causing my entire network to lose its internet connection until I manually intervene.

Providers like AirVPN and Surfshark offer a “generic location” connection option which allows for seamless server switching within the selected location if one server fails. This feature ensures minimal disruption in connection. However I have has a few issues using these providers in both connectivity and reliability.

I propose implementing a similar failover system for Flint 2 routers where, if the primary WireGuard connection fails, the router automatically switches to a backup VPN connection via wireguard or potentially via OpenVPN, until the primary WireGuard connection is restored. It would also be beneficial to have a mechanism to periodically attempt to reconnect to the primary VPN to ensure that users aren’t stuck on the backup VPN connection for an extended period without realizing it.

Such a feature would greatly enhance the reliability of network connections, especially for users who rely on stable VPN connections for work or privacy reasons. I believe this would also make the Flint 2 routers more robust and versatile in handling VPN downtime. I am not sure this is possible on Asus routers so it would be an added feature.

I use wireguard due to the speed benefit being on a 1gb sequential provider.

I’ve already discussed this with Mullvad, but they seem uninterested in implementing such a feature at their end. As this is more about the router capabilities than the VPN service itself, I wanted to bring this to your attention for consideration.

Could you please let me know if such functionality is currently possible with any existing settings or firmware updates? If not, I would like to officially request this feature to be considered for future updates as I genuinely feel it would be an important and crucial feature of a vpn focused router.


Not GL staff but I can tell you, from daily using, that this feature isn’t available right now. At least not with the default GL firmware.

Might be different with plain OpenWrt - but this is behind of scope.

WireGuard is pretty difficult to failover anyway because it’s nearly impossible to understand that the connection is down. WireGuard uses UDP, so it does not know if the connection fails or not.

hi There

Thanks for your input on this, I hope there is a solution to this as it would be extremely valuable I think to many users