Feature request "Back Up and Restore"

Any chance or adding a “back up and restore” option in the GL UCI (under Advanced Settings > Revert Firmware, for example)?

The rationale is that if a fresh flash is needed for any reason, then there is no option to do a restore via Luci (at least, the Beryl firmwares come without Luci pre-installed).


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You can install Luci yourself from Gl-iNet web gui.
Someone from tech support on the forum say only beta’s firmware come without Luci, release firmware come with Luci

Actually this is a good suggestion. We will add back up and restore, as well as exroot.


Which means setting up the router (ie. connecting to internet, uploading VPN settings, fixing DNS settings etc first (if you want to be secure)…of which the back up restore is supposed to circumvent!

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If I recall correctly, it is mostly just copying back the /config directory, isn’t it?

That’s good shout! I just decompressed a back-up (using Winrar) and tried it (copied whole /etc directory to router using WinSCP, did a reboot and it seems to work.
Of course, still need to install Luci but that’s no problem because internet, VPN and DNS settings are all restored.

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I think you also can also copy the backup to the /tmp directory, and then run sysupgrade -r /tmp/yourbackupfile.tar.gz. That will do the same thing as Luci.

Thanks for the heads up - have noted this and will try it next time I need it!

If you do this, maybe for devices with a SD card the backup could be selected to be on the card, and then restored from the card?

Mixing things make it more complicated.

Don’t forget about

  • /etc/openvpn for vpn profiles
  • /etc/dropbear for your ssh host key and authorized keys
  • /etc/opkg for extra repositories