Feature request: Custom DNS over TLS

We curently have an option to choose between 2 services Cloudflare or NextDNS for DoT on the custom DNS section.
We would like to have the possibility to define a custom DoT name instead of having only those 2 choices, otherwise can someone point me to the configuration file where such setting is saved?

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Unfortunately it seems the 2 DoT choices (Cloudflare/NextDNS) are hardcoded, so to get an other DoT service working, I had to override an one of the 2 servers configuration files:

Hopefully this changes will survive after updates.


Any updates on how this worked for you long term?

I would also like to use a different DoT provider than the two providers hardcoded in. It would be good if we could specify a DNS over TLS provider instead of only having two to pick from.

(In my case I want to use Quad9 so if it was added to the hardcoded list I would be happy about that. But seems like it might be easier to just let us specify a provider?)

If you choose DNS over https there are a lot of choices in firmware 4.x

Yeah, I have a preference for DNS over TLS where possible, but either one does do what it’s supposed to do.

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Why the option to enter custom DNS only aplies to HTTPS and not to TLS? I like to use the gl.inet ui and I prefer to make changes there. @alzhao @yuxin.zou

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Would also love this feature ^^ I know we can customize the Cloudflare configuration & replace the resolvers by editing stubby, but that’s a annoying work around. Would be great to just set it directly from the gl panel.

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We are considering this feature.


If you use adguard home you can add dns over tls there too for now it’s the best solution I think