[Feature Request] Firewall > Open Ports On Router > ICMP

please add an option in the firewall > Open ports on router tab for ICMP Ping.
also please make it configurable with a config profile from goodcloud.

having to go to luci to enable ping on wan is inconvenient.

It‘s already configurable by enabling Ping from WAN

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what tab is that in?

I cant find it anywhere on my GL-X3000NR

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You are right, it’s missing on my XE3000 as well but exists on my Flint2 (Tab called Security)

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yes, I know this can be done in luci but it would be nice if I could do it in the gl–inet web interface too

Hi, in version 4.5.0, there will be ‘Ping from WAN’ option under the Security settings, which is not available on 4.4.x. Once version 4.5.0 is released, you will be able to see it.

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