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Per above, for unrelated threads/discussions, eg:

… though that particular post could just as easily fit in:

I don’t think GL-Inet is interested in offtopic. It is hard enough to moderate ontopic with the language-barrier. But I am just a visitor, maybe someone from the staff will tell us something different.

About my topic, that you used as example: It was 10 Month ago, The Slate AX was very new at the market. And because I have nothing to complain, I’ve tried to write how exited I am about this device.
I’ve could write it also in my blog who nobody really cares or send it direct to the GL-Inet Marketing … But I decided otherwise.

I am aware, that there is no ‘open chat’ forum, because I searched for it 10 Month ago, But I don’t think this is an issue, because it was an intentional one-time-offtopic from me. No need for a whole new category.
If I’d like to post a topic that does not match at any category, I respect the rules here and don’t write it. Easy for me.

I’m not accusing you of anything; I saw your old post under the Suggested Topics & found it interesting. If anything I’m at fault for ‘necro-posting.’ I’ve posted off topic as well:

I’m sure you’ve seen from my past postings that I’m a touch vocal that this forum should be something more than just a proverbial dumping ground.

Even if they’re not interested the suggestion is still worth it IMO. IDK a perceived language barrier is as bad as it looks; they seem to come thorough when it matters but hey, it’s not my call.

Don’t worry, I haven’t taken it any personal. I am here for the technical part :slight_smile: (I hope this emoticon is placed right … Social interaction is not my strong suite.)

I think they are very interesting in improving. As example, see the RV discussion: Collecting ideas for making a wireless RV router - #54 by panpan
But to make it more leisure (in my personal opinion, don’t need to fit with the company opinion) they need to get less feature and more plain.

One huge German router vendor is broad used, and fits in 80% of the use cases. So easy and good, that CEO and CTO thinks this is as good as company router as well.
But if you’d like to

  • add a 3rd party router (MESH)
  • a VLAN
  • a LDAP access control
  • a DMZ

you are lost. They are claiming VLAN is not needed, they have a very performant MESH (true, but proprietary), they have a ‘Extended Host’ as DMZ and nobody wants to administrate a LDAP at home …

I do like the flexibility GL-Inet provides to me. Even if I constantly break the Admin Panel, I am free to play around with the OpenWRT Packages, as I like.
At the moment I try to add a ‘Federated AD/Edge Server’, to use my LDAP rules on the go, without brake the security when my luggage is lost. I have not success so far, but I have the freedom to try it.

I honestly believe it is a good thing it does not go personal here.

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My guy, this is far from any sort of ‘social’ interaction… though from your past posts you strike me as the kind of guy I might enjoy in the company of a round of beer or two should our paths ever cross IRL.

Yup; I’ll echo that. Eg:

Agreed. Their GUI has me spoiled compared to hunting for settings in LuCI. I also enjoy the fact if they go a direction I don’t care for I can just flash stock OWRT & continue on (at the cost of some sort of QSDK-based performance, of course). I don’t intend to buy another router for a looooong time.

Anyone wanna Ubiquiti ER-X that’s collecting dust? /s

For your consideration:

Thanks for the idea. But there is nothing to backup right now. I’ll mod it til it breaks and start over after factory reset. No snapshots needed.

Just make it Vodka and I’m in :wink:

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