Feature request: More infographics/statistics on the UI of Flint AX1800 and other models

Anyone like more infographics/statistics on the Admin Panel?
I used many router firmware such as ASUS-WRT and Unifi. They also have nice graphical statistics on the data used and reports.
I hope with OpenWRT based firmware, GL.inet open possibilities to attract user by nice and helpful graphical statistics on the its models.
I believe with those kind of charts and statistics, users have more control and management on their own wifi :smile:
Reply this thread if you think GL.inet should work on it!



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Some of the graphics are from the cloud side, which is much easier to show such statistics.

We have goodcloud.xyz and we also have graphics.

On the routerโ€™s firmware, graphics should be done only one some part, e.g. cpu, ram, network, QoS etc. But not too much to do.

Iโ€™m using goodcloud, and there is no statistics

Sorry I missed. Goodcloud need an enterprise account for data statistics.