[Feature Request] RTTY/SSH access within GL GUI


Knowing GL has rtty available I’d like to request it be available to access to localhost under the Admin Panel/GUI perhaps under System. It is my belief having access to a readily available ssh terminal would make troubleshooting & requests for the output of various commands (eg: wg show) much easier for the unaccustomed. Currently one must download, install, configure something like PuTTY. Eg:


Hi bring.fringe18:

You can use luci-app-ttyd.

1,Installed luci-app-ttyd

2,Configuring ttyd via luci:

3,Configuring firewall:

4,After the above configuration, you can access the router through the WEB.


Thank you for the HOW-TO but it still requires LuCI. I’m suggesting this on behalf of those unfamiliar with LuCI or SSH to better help assist new users with their GL devices when they ask questions in this forum. I think it should be apart of the GL GUI → System or Applications.

It would be easier than referring people to the OpenWrt Wiki to learn how to log in via SSH when they come to ask questions on forum.gl-inet.com.

Thank you so much for your advice!

We will consider adding this feature in the GL GUI.