Features request for B-1300


A few things I would like to get in LEDE’s next firmware update. Some are in the repository but are non functional.

  • Adblock
  • OpenVPN
  • StrongSwan
  • ddns
  • HDD idle management
  • Samba/CIFS (v2?)
  • NTP client
  • DFS channels for US/Canada

This is a fine router and will be even better with more features.

Why OpenVPN is not working?

B1300 is built based on OpenWrt CC version because of wifi driver compatibility.

The router restarts when OpenVPN is turned on or off. It restarts also when changing to a different ovpn settings.

Is there no plan to update the B1300 to Lede-based firmware? What about v 2.27, is it in the works?

I agree that the B1300 is really powerful but potentials are limited by the current features offered.

I am using the GL-iNet products primarily for its ease of use with NORDVPN, once the table of VPN servers are setup, all it takes is two clicks and you are up and running with different VPN server, while the next runner up is the ASUS Merlin which requires dozens of clicks plus cut & paste with no guarantee you got it right. With that said, the B1300 is just an AR-300M on steroid, which in turn is slightly faster than the MT-300N-V2.

I would like to see the following feature to be added:

  1. Multi-Openvpn clients support up to 4

  2. Policy routing through the VPN tunnel, specify 1 or block or multi local IPs through it

  3. Static IP assignment in main easy interface, not through advance interface

  4. Restrict WAN access by specify 1 or block or multi local IPs

  5. NTP server for local IPs thats been restricted WAN access

In other words, I am willing to replace all those frontend ASUS/Netgear routers with the B1300 if it can run Tomato firmware with the GL-iNET openvpn interface. Think of it, the B1300 has quad CPU while my highend ASUS RT-AC3200 has only two CPUs with two effective VPN tunnels 30Mbits/sec each, there is no contest if I can have up to 4 VPN tunnels running on the B1300 with 24Mbits/sec each.

@junk1 B1300 will update to 2.27 next mouth.

@kyson-lok i want to ask, when the 2.27 is finished for b1300.

@amateur We are testing now, will release this week.

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Chaos Calmer is ANCIENT in terms of firmware security, etc.

Guys…powerful is “nice”- but secure and properly so with modern software is more important. Most of your customers rely upon you to provide baselines that meet that. THIS DOES NOT. In fact, it damages your reputation and position in the marketplace if you can’t fix it or find alternatives.

Sadly, it’s not a “fine” router if it’s stuck with 3+ year old versions of applications and the OS itself without patches, etc. They’ve deprecated the baseline of this firmware, calling it, “Legacy” OpenWRT right now.