Fed up with Poor performance on the x750 EP06-E

I average about 20mb downstream with ridiculous bufferbloat but upstream sits comfortably at 35-40mb and barely any Bufferbloat.

This thing claims to be CAT 6, I should be able to achieve 90mb on this thing without any issues - I’ve 2 masts by me within 200 meters (band 3) & another which is 400 meters (band 7) and clear line of sight to both & I’m getting really good signal strength and quality.

I can’t compare to mobile phone performance (apparently), I’ve a Samsung s5 (cat 4 I believe?) which achieves 70-90mb/30mb but this can’t even do half that consistently at CAT 6 & a xiaomi mi note 10 pro which gets 120mb (140mb tops) all on 4G.

Why is this thing struggling to stay above 20-25mb!? Is it fauly or something?
It’s actually frustrating me so much.

With or without carrier aggregation I think the absolute max it’s got is about 40mb, which imo is pathetic when on quectel site says “Quectel EP06 is a series of LTE category 6 module optimized specially for M2M and IoT applications. Adopting the 3GPP Rel-11 LTE technology, it delivers maximum data rates up to 300Mbps downlink and 50Mbps uplink.

To be clear - My upload is consistently 35+, downstream is the problem.

Am I able to upgrade this module to something else if I bought one or am I better just buying something else? Or is there something else I should be configuring in the router?

I’m using GoldenOrb as it seems to perform better than the stock firmware.

I’ve forced 4G, I’ve tried setting to bands 3&7 BUT currently I’ve set to band 7 as I get lower ping. Router reads:

B7 (Bandwidth 20 MHz Down | 20 MHz Up)
|Network :|LTE FDD||
|CSQ :|31||
|Signal Strength :|100%||
|RSSI :|-51 dBm||
|RSRQ|-10 dB||
|RSRP|-72 dBm||

Is there anything I can do here? I’m at my wits end tbh.

Are you testing using cable or wifi?

Your signal seems quite good.

2 days ago we released 3.105 firmware which improves the speed of X750 when cpu usage is high. Can you pls try?

3.105 improves speed how? Download speed or the admin page?

I see 3.105 still uses openwrt 18. I’ve upgraded to 19, don’t really want to revert.

and ethernet connection.

There is a module fastpath to lower the cpu usage when traffic is high.

? I dont know what that means? Does this increase download throughput? If so by how much?

I have no idea. I suggest that you have a try.

You can also try ROOter firmware for X750 from https://ofmodemsandmen.com/firmware16.html

I’m using a later version of their software already…

Why is this router not performing properly? Is it faulty?
I’m currently getting 30mb after running a number of speed tests but surely this should be much higher!?

I am having the same issue with the same device. It is very disdisapointing.
Where did you get the most updated version?

Do you mean for GoldenOrb?

I have also been using GoldenOrb because it performs better, but I’m trying out the 3.105 firmware now to see if it works well.

It’s hard to say what your problem is without more information. I am able to get >90Mbps with my EP06 modem, so there isn’t a hardware limitation with the x750. I’m kilometers away from the tower, with 10MHz bandwidth signals, so it’s harder for me to get that performance than it should be for you.

There is more to this than simple plug-and-play, like it is with a phone. In order to get these kinds of speeds, I use an outdoor external antenna and I’ve done a systematic search to see which two bands work best with carrier aggregation. The stock antennas aren’t great and can’t compare to the antennas in a phone that are specifically tuned for the phone’s form factor and have cables that are only a few mm long.

If you’re looking for the highest performance, you will need to experiment with all of your available bands - and get better antennas. This is a device that was made to get you internet, which it will do, but it wasn’t designed to be a speed demon. You would be hard-pressed to get a better device at this price point, but the price point is pretty low.


Great post, @Tanbam!

Can you tell us a little more, maybe make and model number, about the antenna you’re using?

I live 6 miles away from the nearest cell tower, and am looking for a better antenna I can use with the Spitz GL-X750 Cat6 on ATT here in the US.

I’m using a QuWireless APLM4-H HP Multiband LTE MIMO 4x4 antenna, but you wouldn’t need a 4x4 with this device since it only has two antenna ports. They make a 2x2 version.

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