Ffmpeg not available for brumeW after upgrade to Version 3.203?


as far as i remember, last time i can install package “ffmpeg” by the default package manager easily.

today i upgraded the ROM, and even I chose keep everything, everything is gone.

now ffmpeg is missing from the packages lists even after i click package update.

I tried to dnld binary from 1 but opkg install *.ipk say the instruction set is not compatible.

pls help, this shd not happen. thanks

from opkg update it prints:

Updated list of available packages in /var/opkg-lists/glinet_telephony
Downloading https://fw.gl-inet.com/releases/v19.07.7/packages-3.0/mvebu/glinet/Packages.gz

so that the packages are provided by gl-inet and NOT public from openwrt.

so gl-inet please give me back my ffmpeg thanks!

3.211 firmware

I can install without problem.

hi, thx for ur reply,
but for my brumeW, the most newest stable version is only

ffmpeg is not in brumeW’s v3.203

i upgraded to v3.203 for the “samba config window”, then cant have ffmpeg.
now downgraded to v3.105 again.

v3.105 have ffmpeg back.

We will not go back and fix 3.203.

If you have problem with 3.211, you mean let me know.