File broken when using "file sharing"

Hello, I am using GL-MT1300. The firmware version is 3.215.
I use the default file sharing application. The storage device is a 256G Sandisk SD card. The sd card is formatted with NTFS.

When I upload files through samba, the files will be uploaded but their content will be broken. I also write same files into the same SD card with my computer, while the md5sum is different. Therefore, the problem is not about the SD card, but the writing ability of the router.

Anyone faces similar problems? Could anyone help me with this?

Is this happening with every file?
Perhaps try using a smaller file. I ran into a similar issue with a damaged SD drive.

I have done some more tests. All files larger than 100MB are broken, while 2~10MB small files can be sent correctly.
I also suspected about the SD driver, that is why I used my computer to write the same files to the same SD card again. If the computer can read and write information on the SD card correctly, the card should be functional and the router should be able to do the same thing.

Do you have another SD card to test? Let’s rule out hardware issues firstly.

No, I don’t have another SD card for test. Don’t have time on this issue, and I use my computer for share files now.