File Sharing between router in Extender mode

I try to solve my last problem:

My GL-B1300 is connected to my main isp router as a “Extender” mode (to extend Wifi, I don’t necessarily have to create new DHCP network). Everything is perfect exept the file sharing. I want to access to my usb file sharing from device connected to my main router. Actually I can just access to the files with device connected to the B1300 “Extender” mode router.
I’ve tried with option Share via WAN active but that doesn’t solve the problem.

B1300 router has ip, smb:// work from the wifi of B1300 but not from the wifi of main modem.

(Firmware 3.103)

What is the IP of your main router?

Main router as
I had just to change the base ip of the extender B1300 router to instead of to avoid disconnection and error display on the main router (saying router are not in the same subnet).

(for info…if I go to from wifi of B1300 I see the admin panel of the main router. But from wifi of the main router I cannot see the admin panel of B1300 if I go to

If you use extender, you should let the router get an IP from your main router via DHCP. Pls don’t set static IP, especially Maybe set

I tried with for the Extender router IP but no change :confused:

I change to mode “router” with repeat the wifi and now it’s ok!

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