File Sharing on GL-E750 Mudi


I just insert SD card on Mudi Router and successfully enable file sharing
But facing some issue, such I can’t write anything on the file sharing
how to enable this to writable file sharing, i can’t find documentation regarding this

Is it related with this capture ?
there’s no label on file sharing option
I think it’s should be 3 options (share via lan, share via wan and writable)

SD Card detected on system and already mounted

additional capture

first, need to affirm the SD card is “writeable”, operate the step as follow:
(1) ssh login router system;
(2) execute cmd:
ls -l /mnt/
(check the /mnt/sda1 is mount OK, catch the picture)
(3) goto /mnt/sda1 directory, create one file, check is ok:
cd /mnt/sda1
echo “abc” > test.txt
ls -l ./
check the file test.txt if create ok? catch the picture

first, check the SD is writeable, if the SD card can’t write, have to format the SD card again.

advise format the SD card format is: NTFS

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