Firewall setup in new Interface complete router noob

Hi I set up the router up 99%

VPN Client Set (WireGuard), DNS Settings, Wi-Fi Settings

I would like to know if the ‘‘All Process On VPN’’ Works in settings ?

Or How do I properly set up the firewall in the User interface If someone could explain how to set up to prevent leaks and secure the connection (Using WireGuard)

When you connect vpn, all the clients will be routed via VPN. The question is, do you want the router itself goes via VPN?

For example, if you have DDNS, if you want the router’s own processes use vpn as well, your DDNS will change to your vpn server’s IP address after VPN connected. Otherwise your DDNS IP will remain the same.

Once you set up vpn and DNS, data should be protected. Also make sure disable IPv6.