I am looking to replace my Firewalla box with 300m Mango.

My Aim is to switch off internal Wifi, set the router as the default gateway, with some devices going via the VPN, nothing more.

However when connecting only the LAN interface in cable mode, the status doesn’t show a connection and no traffic is routed to the modem, not even ping

Now sure how you connect.

Mango should connect to your main router via WAN.

I am also interested why you want replace your firewalla.

You bought it expensive, right?

Firewalla has VPN client in Beta and no hardware support for VPN.

So this is how I want my setup:

ISP router (DHCP disable) ——> Mango —-> back to ISP for wireless

Firewalla Red - the HW is a FriendlyArm NanoPi Neo - AllWinner H3, Quad Cortex-A7 running at speeds up to 1.2GHz - I think their SW is pretty cool, esp with the dedicated phone apps…

Firewalla Blue - similar, just a bump to the NanoPi Neo2 - Cortex-A53, and Gigabit vs. Fast ethernet.

To get similar performance for VPN, consider the S1300 or B1300, as specs on the CPU are similar, and network performance is much better, as the Qualcomm IPQ40xx is designed as a communications processor.

There’s always Brume if one wants very fast VPN.