Firmware 2.14 GL-AX1800 Flint

Hi there :slight_smile:

Anyone know the release note for the 3.214?

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Happy with this router from Italy

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Good question indeed :slight_smile:

It is available now.

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What is Side Router Setup exactly?

It is not a proper English name.

It is a setup that you plug the router to your current network without changing the connections, and use the router as gateway.

Hey does that mean I can have 2 flints connected to each other and user one as a WireGuard server and the other one as WireGuard client?

I am thinking that the primary one is my own personal WireGuard server whereas the secondary one would be the Commercial VPN WireGuard client. All devices would be connected to the secondary flint, would that work?

I am also interested in what this new mysterious feature does. Cant find any reference to it in interface. Would be great if it enabled creating in and out routes.

As you said you have two Flint, you indicate you want to connect them to each other?

How do you want to connect them then?

Using wireguard client or server both are OK.

Basically I want 1 Flint with always on wireguard server and another one with an always one wireguard client. When you connect two routers together in this mode, can they be on the same subnet and use the same IP range?

Yes they can be on the same subnet. But same IP range exactly? That depends how exactly you connect them.

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Do you mean your secondary flint router would be connected to a VPN provider as a client and this secondary flint router would also be a wireguard server for your primary/personal flint router to connect to and have its traffic also routed through the VPN provider on the secondary/commercial flint router? If this is what you are referring to that would be interesting to see.

Yeah I think that’s what I’ll try. The second flint has just arrived in the post!