Firmware 2.27 and GL-AR300M

I am going to upgrade my AR300M to this new firmware, and I am not sure which file to download from GL.iNet download center.

The readme file says that the file “lede-gl-ar300m-* is for Dual band AR300M with ath10k Driver”. So which file should I use if I have a single-band AR300M?


lede-gl-ar300m-2.27-testing.bin is the file which you shold upgrade.

Are you sure? When I attempt to upload that file, I get the message “Error: firmware is not for this hardware”.

You want the testing.tar one:

Do not “reserve settings” - this screws things up (or did for me).


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Thanks, that was the right file. I followed your advice and did not reserve settings; everything seems to work fine.