Firmware 2.271 Change Log?

I got a firmware update on my AR 750. The version is 2.271. Is there any announcement or change log available?

There is a release notes file in the firmware section but it’s down at the moment, has been for 2 days:

@alzhao @kyson-lok can you check the firmware download pages?

I did check the firmware directory and did not find anything. And for what its worth, I did upgrade and immediately had to restore back to 2.27 using uboot.

@evilbob333 We have fixed a critical bug for gl-ar750 device. There is a bug causes it reboot when running a month+.

@Johnex It is okay for me, can you try again now?

Works, one of the scripts for the new lister you are using was blocked in my config so it didn’t load :slight_smile:

Here is the link to the release notes directly: