Firmware 3.105 Snapshot Update

Firmware will have nightly build and put GL.iNet download center

You can go to find your model and download and upgrade.

Latest Update
V3.105-Dec 3, 2020: Fix :Bug22、Bug23、Bug24、Bug25、Bug26
V3.105-Nov 21, 2020: Fix :Bug18、Bug19、Bug20、Bug21
V3.105-Nov 18, 2020: Fix :Bug13、Bug14、Bug15、Bug16、Bug17
V3.105-Nov 16, 2020: B1300, S1300, MV1000(W) added to snapshot
V3.105-Nov 11, 2020: This post created

Improvement and New Features:

  1. Added OpenVPN bridge function.
  2. OpenVPN upgrade to 2.5
    VPN function improvements:
    Added VPN CHACHA20 encryption method.
    Add WireGuard to support access to the local network.
    Main interface icons, add OpenVPN, WireGuard, Tor.
    WireGuard page optimization.
    OpenVPN page optimization.
  3. Optimize the real-time traffic statistics function, lower CPU usage.
  4. GoodCloud disconnection problem (MQTT optimization)
  5. Support NextDNS personal ID

Bug Fix

1.Memory leak for itertf process.
2.VPN firewall should be rejected by default.
3.Port 53 is opened on the firewall before, will be closed by default.
4.Update the ca-bundle and ca-certificates software packages to solve the problem of certificate expiration.
5.When enabling WireGuard Server and DDNS simultaneously, the devices that connect to the WireGuard configuration cannot access Admin Panel via DDNS URL.
6.Connect to Tor and enable “DNS on all clients”, causes DNS leaks.
7.Cannot connect to Mullvad WireGuard with a mobile SIM card.
8.The screen status of Mudi (GL-E750) is not updated.
9.Amarok (GL-X1200) Dual module IP address exchange problem.
10.SSH encryption does not support special characters.
11.After configuring DNS on Luci, the DNS page on the Admin Panel cannot be opened.
12.Wireguard routing rules optimization.
13.Use ovpn to upload too many configuration files, unable to click “Apply”
14.The web management page displays an error.
15.Static IP address binding, modification of the IP cannot detect legitimacy.
16.Mango (GL-MT300N-V2) cannot use luci page.
17.Mango (GL-MT300N-V2) cannot detect Tethering device problems.
18.Firmware upgrade detection abnormal problem.
19.Optimize the issue of mqtt log output level.
20.Firmware upgrade, keep the previous configuration, the old password can not log in.
21.Adguard Home update failure problem.
22.firmware upgrade verification problem
23.Integrated MX35LF1GE4AB patch.
24.Integrating iOS14 cannot get traffic patches
25.The number of Amarok (GL-X1200) wireless connections is limited
26.Wireguard upgrade to the latest version.


Is TOR present in all models? I am NOT able to find TOR in mt300a latest FW…

Tor is removed from the default firmware. You can find gl-tor package and install it. One problem is that there is no space if you use 16MB Nor flash models.

Is there the possibility to install on SD card?

Yes, you can check how to use exroot in openwrt and build the system on sd card

3.102 has broke 300 MBPS connection ability for Microuter N300. 3.025 was 300 Mbps.

Hope you build again that it support 300 Mbps.

any chance to have ar750s 3.105 whit AdGuard Home v0.104.1 and same on brume w.

WireGuard policy routing kills new connections to WiFi if WireGuard goes down even when it is set to Domain/IP and kill switch disabled. It also kills DNS over TLS (NextDNS).

We should also be able to send device name to NextDNS. I probably can do this manually if it is still using stubby but would be much better if the GUI has a field for it.

Actually as I suspected. All issues are caused by Stubby. Stubby does not seem to work good with NextDNS. At least not the version used by GL-iNet.

AdGuardHome was much better but unfortunately the AdGuardHome build was removed from GL-iNet servers and I don’t have a backup of it to revert to it!

Which model are you using?

In 3.105 you should be able to set up NextDNS ID if this is what you mean. I can test if stubby affect vpn policy.

Convexa-S. Stubby crashes every around 4 hours. Same issue that I had with older firmwares too when I edited stubby manually using ssh. AdGuardHome never caused me any issues but I can’t find the image for the firmware now at all >.<

Any chance you got a copy? Please! >.<

Pls allow to fix. S1300 just added 3.105 and too many bugs。

Noticed a new build was pushed. Installed it. NextDNS is no longer available and I really need that for my setup :confused:

AdGuardHome was working amazingly well with NextDNS to be honest. I hope we see it again.

Hi Alzaho,

Thanks for the amazing work you put in for keeping the GL.INET Devices update with latest features.

Biggest issue that I’ve been facing with S1300 since v3.102 is PPPOE Connection Issues, PPPOE is completely broken after v3.100

Cannot connect to the Internet with PPPOE from Firmware Version v3.102 onwards. Last working version is v3.100, tried the latest Snapshot v3.105, the issue is still there.

This is what happens and PPPOE doesn’t work so no Internet Access is available.

• Sent 50 bytes, received 28 bytes.
• Sent PADT
• Exit.
• Plugin loaded.
• RP-PPPoE plugin version 3.8p compiled against pppd 2.4.7
• pppd 2.4.7 started by root, uid 0

• Plugin loaded.
• RP-PPPoE plugin version 3.8p compiled against pppd 2.4.7
• pppd 2.4.7 started by root, uid 0
• PPP session is 1

Are you saying this is 3.105 specific, as I use Stubby for NextDNS (AR300M, 3.104) and it works flawlessly.

I’ve tried various builds of 3.105 on a AR300M and seem to be experiencing “memory leak freeze”
If I stress the internet (USB mobile broadband) by downloading on several connected clients at the same time, everything grinds to a near halt. If I then cancel the downloads, the internet does not recover, necessitating in a reboot of the router.
Any advice on how to troubleshoot the problem?

I have been trying NextDNS via Stubby on many past firmwares and the very current one but Stubby always crashes every few hours.

This was never an issue for me when I used AdGuardHome in the snapshot build that was released a few months ago. It was the most stable build.

3.105 makes it way worse because when the router stops DNS resolving it seems to drop WireGuard (or WireGuard drops first) which then stops access to any new device over WiFi or Ethernet and the internet stops on any device depending on the router for DNS like my Roku or Apple TV.

Sounds like your issue might be related to mine (posted just above)?
(I use both Wireguard and Stubby)

Could be. This is frustrating to be honest. I would revert to the AdGuardHome build if I could but I no longer have it and they seem to have removed it from their servers. No idea why! >.<