Firmware 3.105, what the benefit of blowing router name around by NETBIOS?

Against other common today devices, the GL-AR750S, Firmware 3.105, blowing his name on LAN around by NETBIOS.
You can check this p.e. by angry IP scanner 3.7.3

How to disable this ?

What do you mean?

Add on your AngryIP scanner the column for showing NETBIOS messages and you will see NETBIOS messages wich are blowing around by gl firmware. Thats message are not equal to this what can configured on the TWO DIFFERENT MENUE ITEMS, WHICH USE THE HOSTNAME FOR TWO DIFFERENT THINKS.

By the way. If I remember right, I reported the use by different meanings of term HOSTNAME on gl firmware already on follow or one older bug list:

Pls give more details with screenshot. Cannot get what you mean.

I added this now to the buglist: