Firmware 3.x Beta Test Signup Thread

I only use my 750 when traveling and so can afford some downtime, and in any case can unbrick it easily enough back to 2.27. Let me know if I can help.

(If others wish to try, feel free to reply too.)

@kennethrc If you can change the thread title removing the AR750 it would be nice, since i want to apply for the Mifi version of v3 :P. You could also made a list in your first post of all the people that want V3 and what device, so @alzhao can see them all easy.

Good suggestion; I’ve made it more general.

I’d love to test out new firmware on the ar750 now that I’ve got a stable configuration to fall back to.

I want to test the new firmware!

I would like to test new firmware for m300n v1 Thanks.

Surely no need to “sign-up”. Betas are posted here (when available):

Think of private and public beta. The public beta is when it’s nearly done. We want to test the bleeding edge one :wink:

Okay guys. We will put bleeding edge firmware for testing this month.

Thanks @alzhao, and I should have been more clear. Yeah, here I’m looking for the equivalent of “nightly builds”, or at least some periodic bleeding-edge builds which at least boot on the device :slight_smile:

We don’t have nightly builds but we will publish testing firmware quite often for testing.