Firmware 3.x for MT300A

I have been using great MT300A routers with the old firmware 2.265 for a long time.
Now I want to take advantage of the new features of OpenWRT, which are contained in versions 3.x.
Unfortunately, in the Download Firmware Center can still get only an abandoned unstable beta Version 3.100, which may contain errors:

Of course, I don’t want to risk and getting unexpected problems, therefore want to install a stable version of 3.x.

Unofficial versions of third-party developers turned the router into a brick :confused:

When can I get the official release of this new version?

The product has been discontinued and we do not have the product on hand, so we will not update and maintain the product in the future

Oh, is that so? Then I’ll ask you these questions:

  1. Why didn’t you update the firmware before this router was still in production?
  2. Why didn’t you leave 1 instance for further support? In the end, it was very easy to do.
  3. Why do you no longer support this router model, if many of your customers still use it?

This cause a great distrust of the policy of your company, which refuses its customers with further support :frowning_face:

This undermines the reputation of your company and makes our to select to another brand that provides long-term support for its products.


We keep a certain number of samples, the information here is wrong.

You can download a stable version of v2.265 here

For discontinued products, we will post the status in the link below where you can see when the product was discontinued and whether it is still supported.

You can download a stable version of v2.265

Don’t you understand what I wrote to you about? Then I repeat:

I have been using great MT300A router with the old firmware 2.265

That is, I am already using the old firmware. But I need version 3.x

We keep a certain number of samples,

Why is there no MT300A sample among them?

Discontinuing support for older products that still function is a common way many manufacturers force you to buy new products, and this leads to a lot of e-waste. It is profitable for the companies, but bad for the planet. Money rules!


Eric, you are absolutely right! :+1:
Therefore, I will never buy the products of an unreliable Gl-Inet company again :face_vomiting:
And I will tell other customers about her unfair policy.

What about the missing “relayd” app from the App Repo. That used to be present and now it is not. Is there a reason why it was removed, and where can I get a version of it for the MT300A?

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