Firmware 3.X with current openwrt stable release v18.06.1

I’ve just downloaded firmware gl-ar300m-3.005-1105.tar and flashed my AR300M with it.

After reboot I noticed, that it uses openwrt 18.06.0-rc1. According to current stable release is v18.06.1.

When will firmware 3.X use this current stable release?


AR750S and AR300M uses 18.06.0-rc1, while other device uses 18.06.1. Because 18.06.1 hadn’t been released since AR750S had launched, AR300M and AR750S use the same imagebuilder.

Okay, this explains why AR300M/AR750S use another openwrt release than other GL-iNet devices.

But back to my original question: do you know a date, when AR300M/AR750S will use 18.06.1?

Will update until OpenWRT next release. Maybe it will be 19.01.

In the meantime 18.06.2 was released. Do you plan to update the firmware for the AR750S?

No, update the kernel has a lot of work to do, so we will update OpenWRT as little as possible, unless the OpenWRT has a large changed or critical security bug.