[Firmware 4.3.6] Genius automatic upgrade broke DDNS settings, Static leases, Port forwards, Domain name, and what else?

I spent a really bad day trying to restore the settings on some GL-AR750S routers I manage. They both got automaticcally upgraded to Firmware 4.3.6 and apart from keeping the wifi SSID and key, LAN subnet, everything else was wiped out ! I had to redo from scratch:

  • DHCP Static leases
  • Forwarded ports
  • DDNS settings (
  • Some custom DNS entries
  • Goodcloud opt-in was reset
  • The majority of installed packages
    Worst of all : There is no button anymore in the UI to disable Automatic upgrades, where did that go ? How can we disable it to avoid any future brilliant ideas from GL.iNet ?

And I’m asking you : what else should I be worried about ? Could you provide a full list of what the new firmware has broken ? Why isn’t there a public communication about this on the GL.iNet website ?

What kind of company does this ? You know that GL.iNet router owners are most likely tinkerers and enthusiasts that are customizing several router settings… Just… why ??

Please advise how to disable future automatic upgrades, there is no button anymore in the UI to opt-out.


How about a lack of native conf backup via the GL GUI? Here’s my workaround:

@bring.fringe18 : yeah, I was mad at myself for not having a backup and then I realized : there’s no fricking backup option in the UI !! Anyway, using the luci interface it’s possible to have a backup that most likely doesn’t have all your settings, but at least that’s that…

I’m done with GL.iNet routers, back to flashing second-hand old routers…

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I addressed that very point in the aforementioned HOW-TO.

Well, it’s your call. The GL GUI greatly simplifies things but as you know, the real power is in LuCI/UCI.

(I’ve been there. The b!tch of all this is to never enable auto updates for anything until you’ve had a chance to review the changelog, at a minimum.)

Backups seems to be a sensitive subject. I was given a formal warning about bringing up this issue in the past.

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(Heh; that’s funny. At least you got a warning. I’ve had a handful of responses wholly deleted/hidden. Oh well. More people need to have “don’t start none, won’t be none” slapped into their 'eads.)

Does anyone know how to disable future automatic upgrades please ?

Firmware 4.2.3-release5 no long has an auto-update function (GL GUI → System → Upgrade).

True, how did that happen?

I see this compile time:

2023-07-06 15:49:39(UTC+08:00)

IDK; I manually installed mine on 2023-07-16-0925: Firmware 4.2.3 via GL GUI Upgrade; kept settings. It seems this is the first f/w to no longer have the mechanism. Good; it’s one less thing to toggle/configure.

I don’t think it has to do with the firmware itself.

if I go digging I can still find it, tho:

root@GL-AXT1800:~# cat /etc/config/upgrade

config service 'general'
        option time '04:00'
        option auto_upgrade '0'
        option keep_config '0'
        option keep_package '0'
        option prompt '1'
        option url 'https://fw.gl-inet.com/firmware/axt1800/release'


I have the same conf on my Slate AX. So this f/w seems to ship w/ option auto_upgrade '0' as stock.

I say you were being a smartass. :smiley:

Not everybody is a native speaker on the internet.

This firmware I’ve had for some time and I remember it having the option. The updater probably has some logic to hide that feature if the update server is responding in a particular way. (But this is speculation)

IDK about that; I’ve read a comment fr GL here somewhere they removed auto-updating. I can’t recall the thread, rep or even which GL device’s v4 f/w it applies to. If they did, as it seems, it was probably for the best given all the threads posted in backlash.

I know my Certa running 3.216 certainly has it toggled off, that’s for damn sure.

I’ve read it about Opal and I can confirm that, mine is still on 3.x

It also disappeared from my Slate AX, so it’s probably every device.

It seem so. My Flint running 4.2.3-release5 also doesn’t have it.

Follow-up: Confirmed for v 4.x:

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