[Firmware 4.3.6-r3] Beryl update wipes VPN config & locks 'Block Non-VPN Traffic' on

I’ve encountered connectivity issues which I managed to resolve with a factory reset. This post is just to record my findings.

I have a Beryl and this morning it was refusing to route both Ethernet and WiFi clients traffic to the internet.
I connected to the control panel and I found a new UI which looked nice.
I noticed the tethering device looked connected but all the VPN configs were gone.

I figured out there must have been a firmware, which I scheduled to run automatically overnight.
In fact the version running was:

Version: 4.3.6
Firmware Type: release3
Compile Time: 2023-07-28 18:55:39(UTC+08:00)

I thought something could have been messed up since it was all empty; I loaded and enabled a new config and with VPN on I was able to browse. I tried to toggle the ‘Block Non-VPN Traffic’ on and off under “VPN Global Options”, but the problem persisted.
I was able to ping from the router shell but not from my machines unless I was connected to a VPN.
Eventually I decided to do a factory reset since, fortunately, my settings haven’t diverged much from the defaults and the problem has gone.

Hope this will be helpful for anyone encountering the same issue.

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Sorry, this was a mistake on our part.
The 3.x firmware should not automatically upgrade to the 4.x firmware. This is because it does not keep the settings.

We have stopped pushing auto upgrades. For anyone looking to upgrade from 4.x to 3.x, please download the firmware manually to install it and take care to back up your settings.

Brutal. Sorry to hear about your troubles & I know this comes a lil’too late but for next time: