Firmware 4 : Tailscale doesn't show up in Applications-Menu

Last night I succeeded in upgrading mit Slate (AR750S) from 3.216 to 4.2.2 snapshot and so far it runs well.
But then, I couldn’t find Tailscale - my main reason for the upgrade - in the applications menu.
I found tailscale and tailscaled in the plugins. I installed them, alas “Tailscale” never showed up in the v4.2.2 Admin Panel.
I’ve got a whole bunch of Slates (10+) and would very much like to be able to utilize them using Tailscale.
Any help is appreciated greatly - thank you.

Its CPU performance is too low to support Tailscale running.

Can I please get the applications menu for tailscale nevertheless?
I would like to check it out myself and if it won’t perform adequately, I of course would consider getting Slate Plus / AX from GL-iNet.
I’ve configured one ar750S using Luci/Openwrt and it doesn’t seem to be choked up so far.

Please don’t artificially limit the AR750s from features like Tailscale, as it basically Wireguard with wrappers. The AR750s has sufficient Flash and RAM to run Tailscale and even a light weight install of AdGuard.

Don’t force us into trashing perfectly good routers to get new features. All this does is create unnecessary e-waste, and right now the world does not need more e-waste.


Why would ‘Slate’ and ‘Puli’ be suitable for ZeroTier but not for Tailscale - according to the v4 docs? Since ZT and TS do pretty much similar things re networking.
I simple love the simplicity TS offers.
Thank you.