Firmware 4.x new features?

I thought firmware for was going to have IDS and a few other goodies, but it seems the same as v3 but a new skin.

Am I crazy?

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They added the network storage option and they built in some more DNS and VPN configuration options. I remember reading there will be an IPS in v4 though.

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This is true, they did add some cool features :+1:

Still eagerly awaiting DUAL WAN capabilities to be implemented via web UI on the 4.x version as was previously planned.

They are still in the 4.x development plan. DUAL WAN will be released in version 4.1 or 4.2, IPS/IDS may be later.


In terms of features, version 4.0 mainly optimizes Repeater, VPN, Network Storage, and DNS functions.

The 4.x version of the firmware has been refactored from 3.x to optimize performance (which also includes UI). So we didn’t add too many features at once. More new features will be added in subsequent releases.


Thank you for the reply. :+1:

I am testing ver 4 beta release 2 on my AX1800. I cannot run vpn server and client at the same time. you can turn both ON but you can only use one.

The use case I have is, I want to setup a wireguard client to connect to a Mullvad server in order to proxy all my internet traffic through it. At the same time, I want to run a wireguard server on flint so that i can connect my beryl to proxy all its traffic through flint to mullvad. Can we have this capability in Ver 4.0?

What I noticed is, when the vpn client is running and you turn ON your vpn server – the WG server IP changes to the Mullvad IP instead of your own public IP. its makes it impossible to establish connection at that point. I think what needs to be done is bypass WG server all together from WG client vpn to make this work.

I have answered you here Disappointed that VPN client & server cannot be active together - #45 by alzhao