firmware backup and restore

How can I make a copy of the mt300n firmware in order to restore it on other device?
If I follow the generic way:
cat /dev/mtd5> /tmp/backup.bin
and restore with sysupgrade -v -n backup.bin
it bricks the device – suppose the flash layout on MT300 is different.
Any ideas?



I think it would be best to build your own image with all the packages and any custom data files you need using the image builder.

If you are just concerned with your own data then install sftp or ftp and back up that way and restore on the new device.

Yes that is the other way, but I was hoping to make it faster. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the prompt reply!

Why not back up the settings from Luci?

There is a lots more than just settings in my setup - packages, other scripts etc.
Indeed, the better option is to build custom firmware.