Firmware bug report [AR-300M]


  • After installing OVPN config file, cannot edit VPN password if authentication failure occurs
  • If OVPN config list is purged while connected to VPN, Force VPN cannot be disabled, causing loss of connectivity
  • When importing OVPN files a manual page refresh is required to see and use the new profile (VPN provider list does not update automatically)
  • In Wireless Settings, page does not refresh automatically when settings are changed (current settings are not displayed without manual page refresh)
  • If changes to router settings are made in GL.iNet web interface, advanced settings link on that page stops working
  • When VPN is enabled, in Luci | Status | Overview | MWAN Interface Live Status shows WAN offline when actually ONLINE
(does LEDE v17 have this bug too ?)



  • Purge individual OVPN config files (not entire list)
  • Enable SSL on web GUI (logins could be compromised by infected IoT device on LAN)
  • Flash some LED while uploading/processing firmware update
  • Add GUI interface for WiFi transmit power level (for those who want to reduce WiFi power in close range situations)
  • GUI support for DNScrypt / DNSSEC (like Tomato firmware)

Bugs: 2. 3. 4. 5 will be investigated

  1. should be a new feature, will be added

  2. is no problem. The MWAN 3 doesn’t check vpn, but only physical Internet connections, e.g. cable, repeater, 3G/4G or tethering. It has to ensure one physical Internet connection is working so that your vpn can go through. Of course MWAN3 can control vpn interfaces. But that make sense if you have multiple VPN connections and want to have load balancing. We don’t want to make this so complicated.



    1. 5 will be investigated and added
  1. is already there. The 3 LEDs will flash one by one when upgrading firmware.

  2. There is a bar for wifi tx power in wifi page, just drag it and it works immediately.


Overall, thanks for your suggestions and it is very valuable.

There is a bar for wifi tx power in wifi page, just drag it and it works immediately.
The line of sight range is still ~25 meters when set to 0 dBi =)

If I use WiFi in a hotel room or motor vehicle sometimes I want lower Tx power…
Can the router WiFi chip driver permit a reduced power setting of < 1 mW / 0 dBm ?

  1. I saw the colorful firmware update badge notification on the routers web interface today. This looks good. But please show change log for all firmware updates in future so the user knows which bugs are fixed.

  1. Perhaps you can use some of this code
    New LuCI-GUI for dnscrypt-proxy - Community Builds, Projects & Packages - OpenWrt Forum