Firmware Chaos

Model: Spitz X750 (probably applicable to many other models).
A couple of questions / observations about firmware releases:

Why is firmware v3 still being developed / updated (eg. 3.216 > v 3.217) when a release version of v4 is (presumably) imminent (I am currently using 4.2.0 bulid 0212 and it’s stable)?
Surely it’s a waste of resources when v3 will shortly be on the scrapheap?

I noticed a new Beta was released (4.3.2 Beta1, build 0604).
Then, today, I found the latest snapshot. The build is incremeneted to 0611 but the version number drops to (4.3.2 > 4.2.3).

Can anyone from GL clarify, please?

Since they seem to build all the 3.x router versions daily, I would like this to continue. Some of us have been waiting on the 4.x code for more then two years since the first post was made by the head of GL iNet, @alzhao, in Jan 2021 that 4.x was would be available by mid year, and it would fix everything. After waiting for more then 2 years, I don’t feel it will be here anytime soon for some of my routers as several of my production routers still don’t even have 4.x snapshots, and NONE of my routers have 4.x released code.

I need firmware that is stable with security bug fixes, so I hope they keep working on 3.21x firmware. Maybe one day all my routers will have stable, production ready 4.x firmware, and then they can stop working on 3.x. And maybe that day, pigs will fly!


Yes, it is wrong version in the snapshot. It will be fixed tomorrow.