Firmware has openvpn problem

There is a huge problem when ovpn file zip is loaded. See the attached photos, 1. i loaded express vpn, but when I want to change server, it brings out a different zip files, i change vpn zip to proton vpn,when i wanted to select individual server it brings out zoog vpn…please check this. This is happening to slate, usb 150 and amr300 mini router firmware. please check and see what wrong. it wasn’t like this. I cleared cookies and the browser, I changed browsers yet the problem exist.see the firmware i am using… see the photos attached1 2 3 4 Screenshot_1

Yes, also confirmed by me in this thread (post of April 04):

However, that was with a testing (or snapshot) firmware and not the release version.

It is a bug since v3.020. We had fixed it today. Will update the snapshot firmware soon.