Firmware: Mesh Network with GL-MT300N Routers

We have developed Mesh Network on top of GL-INET MT-300N Routers. Anyone can download and use the firmware for free from, Nearhop : Secure P2P VPN for your home and office

Please see our website:

Every feature that we have mentioned in our website is available in the firmware except Remote Surveillance and Android App.

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Do you use 802.11s?

What is the performance?

We used BATMAN-ADV in AR150 and it works good.

It is neither 802.11s nor BATMAN. We developed something on our own. Given that we have 100Mbps Ethernet Switch, following are throughput numbers -

WLAN to LAN throughput:

  1. Without Mesh: Client connects to the Router (Root): 85Mbps

  2. Client connects via Mesh: ie 1-hop: 65 Mbps


That is Good performance.

I have some questions:

  1. Is your protocol opensource?
  2. Does it need to work with specific wifi driver? For example, BATMAN only works with ath9k.
  3. Does it need to work with specific router? As we are having MT300N-V2 and it will replace MT300N
  1. This is not opensource for now.

  2. The protocol is is chipset independent and not related to BATMAN or any other opensource.

  3. The protocol is not dependent on hardware too and can be ported onto any other board too without any changes. We are planning to add support for more devices.


Are you going to stop, MT300N completely?


@Venkata Rao


I just Upgrade Firmware for MT300N-V2 ,but it have some problem with hardware ,so the firmware is only used for MT-300N ?

@Venkata Rao, MT300N will last for some more time because there is a large demand. But once everybody is happy with V2 we will stop V1.


This firmware works only for MT300N. Hope you will find a way to recover your device. Please check with @alzhao. He can help on recovering the device from Boot prompt.


@Venkata Rao

Nice project…but what is the point of the firmware if you don’t release the remote Apps?



It will take some time before we release the app. For now the focus is on providing an easy to use / configure Mesh network using a local dashboard.

now we support more devices from GL-Inet…





Download the firmware from: Nearhop : Secure P2P VPN for your home and office

Mesh is is inter-operable across all the Routers that we support. We are going to add more.