Firmware Releases page inconsistent with the content on download site


I usually check the main Firmware Releases page ( GL.iNet download center ) for a quick peek into what is new and what has changed. I also use this page as a convenient way of zooming into the release notes of new releases.

Today I noticed that this page is out of sync with the actual content in the download site ( GL.iNet download center ) which is where the Firmware Releases page points to in the links.
The inconsistency is both in the most recent version numbers (either release or test) as well as the release notes themselves.

2 quick examples as of now are the AR750 and AR750s (showing 3.100 or 3.101 instead of 3.102).

Sorry about that.
Indeed, this is not updated in time.
Usually, release version is sync. Pre-release(test) version is out of sync.
I have asked the guy who build test version to update this page.

Any news on this?
I am running into the same problem … fix would be welcome.

I am not sure what you are referring to but @Leo and his team have already fixed this issue a couple of days ago (I personally checked both AR750 and AR750s)

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I got the issue on mv-1000/Brume, where the list of plugins (specifically ppp and ppp-mod-pppoe) are not reflecting the updated “secure” ones. First I thought this is because I used the “pre-release”-FW. That’s why I wrote I’ve got the same issue. But it actually is the same issue on the “release”-FW.
Sorry, Didn’t want to hijack your thread. I just unistalled ppp and ppp-mod-pppoe Plugins for now …

All the other models already have the testing version that fix the ppp and ppp-mod-pppoe issues, except GL-MV1000, they are working on it, please wait and give the engineers more time. Thanks

hi guys,

the same issue is occurring now with AR750 which shows 3.102 as latest testing version although the actual download folder has 3.104 available.

other than this specific issue, I think it would REALLY help if there was a more consistent naming/numbering convention used within the different folders for the different devices.
what I mean is that we can’t always tell which version is the “latest” because for example i would find a 3.103 file under “snapshots” which is dated earlier than a 3.102 file under “testing”.
the other aspect of this issue is when there seem to be “forks” resulting in multiple downloadable images with different names like “openwrt-gl-ar750s-fix-policy.tar” which tell us nothing about which build version it is built and since the dates are not a criteria like i described above we end up being somewhat confused :slight_smile:

last but not least in terms of importance -
it would be helpful to know whether the version numbers are consistent across different device models or not. what i mean is - can i safely assume that a 3.104 for AR750 and AR750s contain the same exact codebase and features/fixes with the only difference being device-specific drivers etc?
or is it that a 3.104 on one device might have different features from another device?
the simplest example is what i found today about Tor support in 3.104 for AR750s (included) versus 3.104 for AR750 (omitted)


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One guy update firmware but the other guy update docs, the two sites must be out of sync from time to time.
I decided to write a program with a colleague next month to improve the accuracy of synchronization between the two sites.

thanks @Leo

another suggestion is that if a specific release number has passed from one stage to another ( snapshot >> testting >> release ) then it might be a good idea to remove that file from the previous folder.
example : currently there are 3 “openwrt-ar750s-3.104” files in all 3 folders for AR750s. this doesn’t make sense because if that version is in release state then it shouldn’t be in the “lower” folders like testing or snapshot, unless the file name will include a minor build number or something.

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About question: the version numbers are consistent across different device models or not.

Mostly they are consistent across different device, but sometimes there is some inconsistency.
We want to make it consistent, it is easy for customer. But the devices have different flash space, different CPU and other specifications, those result to the consistent.

So, users can check it on each model’s release note page.

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Answer your second question.

The “snapshots” is for the temporary firmware, which mostly is minor changed.
For most customers who want experience the testing firmware, I think just pay attention to the "testing’ folder.

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Yes, good way to say this! But I think it is even better to have download page that have explanations for each firmwares. Maybe one file have explanation for each file, better have explanation on main download page.
This file is for update NAND flash to GL firmware supporting OpenVPN, Tor, Wireguard, plus standard GL features.  (Luci not included here.)