Firmware stability problems AR750s

Hi, I think other users also have my same problems on the AR750s device.
Each firmware that I try to install produces various problems with the network of each interface regardless of whether it is Android, Linux or Windows.
I updated the firmware to the latest version on my device and the network produces several problems, one of these is the one in this figure:

I hope with this post to be able to give a quick solution to those who have had my same problem. I state that the AR750S device is still unreliable for now but with some tricks you can manage to make it work.

  • I solved ALL connection, congestion and APP problems, first of all doing a factory reset and blocking automatic firmware updates;

  • I removed the official APP of the WireGuard Team on Android and installed TuneSafe Vpn, excellent unlimited free APP if you use your own .config file (QRCode);

With these measures I can finally have 2 (two) devices connected to the Wireguard network both in 3g / Lte and Wifi Adsl without blocks and problems.

Thanks to those who collaborated in a small part to my problem.

Glad TunSafe app worked for you :smiley:

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