Firmware update on AP-1300

Do I need any manual action to upgrade the firmware of the AP1300? On this page
I see this:
The firmware V4 version is here!

Applicable older models and upgrade tutorial:

GL-AX1800(Flint), GL-MT1300(Beryl), GL-B1300(Convexa-B), GL-S1300(Convexa-S),

GL-AP1300(Cirrus), GL-SFT1200(Opal), GL-AR750S(Slate).

Upgrade tutorial.

Does it mean it must be done in order to upgrade now for the snapshot version, or also in the future it will not be automatically or doable via the webinterface?

Yes, for now, only a snapshot version of the 4.x firmware is available for AP1300.
A stable version is expected in the second half of the year, when it will be available for automatic upgrade.

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