Firmware update problem GL-B2200

After trying to update the bike’s router, the router stopped responding.
When trying to enter the update mode, the update page gives an error:
But I can still log into ubооt.
How can I install standard firmware on the router and bring it back to life?
ssh not working

Updating by router:
After trying to contact tech support, after 3 days, I was given advice.
It seemed strange at first, but it worked in the end.

How it worked for me:

  1. take the official GL firmware from the website.
  2. Put the router in firmware mode (instructions on the site)
  3. set manual ip on the computer (as in the instructions).
  4. Go to the router via Edge (before I tried to do it via Chrome).
  5. Upload the firmware and be happy that it works.

This may be of use to someone else, but was extremely surprised that this problem is so easily solved