Firmware Upgrade Results in Missing Custom Firewall Script

I think my GL MT1300 router did a firmware update and now I cannot locate the Firewall custom rules section using Luci?

Try accessing LuCI using Private Mode/Incognito; sometime the LuCI/lua scripts have issues w/ browser caching.

To your point though, I think you’ve lost your custom firewall rules in the update. Many users have been ‘bitten’ by similar losses on this auto-update. This is too little, too late of course but for the next time:

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I don’t even see a place where I would add to the Firewall Script after this update.
I’ll try the private mode. Do you know which Firewall area I could find it under? I lost my notes and took a screen pic and not sure if it will show up here… Under: Status, Systems or Networks.
Thanks for the ideas and reply!

Slate AX (GL-AXT1800), Firmware 4.2.3-release5:

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After an hour of searching Luci I discovered where the new place is for placing a start up script.
See Pic - put my script in there and then hit save and reboot - works perfect!

Oh, so you were looking add an actual script & not just some user-define firewall rules (/etc/firewall.user) vs per-boot Startup via /etc/rc.local .

Yeah, upstream (OpenWrt) did change LuCI’s menus considerably between the most recent versions. As long as you got it sorted! Don’t forget to mark the ‘Solution’ to let others know who may stumble across this scenario.

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