Firmware v3.215 is released

Oct 6 2022
Update: MT300N-V2 3.215 is drawn back due to a bug in wan recognization.

Oct 1 2022
Firmware v3.215 is released. Please upgrade asap.

Important bugfix:

    1. Fixed MT1300 using MAC Clone causing wifi to not work properly.
    1. Fixed MT1300 cannot relay Fritzbox’s wifi.
    1. Fixed MT1300 HNAT causes VPN data leakage.
    1. Fixed MT300N-V2 unable to change wifi password when using MAC Clone.
    1. Fixed MT300N-V2 cannot relay special characters SSID.
    1. Fixed MT300N-V2 data leak caused by switch bridge during startup.
    1. Fixed MT300N-V2 removes WPA3 because it is not yet supported.
    1. Fixed TxPower batch modification in GoodCloud not working.
    1. Fixed the control logic conflict of traffic statistics switch between router and Goodcloud.
    1. Fixed WireGuard manual edit allowedip parsing error.
    1. Fixed the WireGuard server whose IP address is DDNS cannot be automatically reconnected after the IP address changes.
    1. Fixed override DNS causes internet access failure in extender mode.

New feature:

    1. SF1200/SFT1200 WIFI supports WPA3 Personal Security.
    1. Modem add Verizon,Visible support.
    1. Modem add QFirehose tools.
    1. Modem add SIM puk detection.
    1. Guest wifi supports IPv6.


    1. Optimized the handling mode of Modem Reset.
    1. Optimize AT instructions:AT+COPS=?.


    1. Synchronously repair OpenWrt 19.07.10 CVE.(AR150,MIFI,AR300M,USB150,N300,AR750,AR750S,X750,E750,XE300,MT1300,MT300N-V2,MV1000).
    1. Fixed shell command injection in network tools, ovpn file names etc.


    1. Based on openwrt 19.07.8 (AR150,MIFI,AR300M,USB150,N300,AR750,AR750S,X750,E750,XE300,MT1300,MT300N-V2,MV1000)
    1. Based on QSDK11 (B1300,S1300,AP1300,B2200)
    1. Based on Siflower SDK (SF1200,SFT1200)


i have version visible. i used the 5Mbps unlimited every day.

with my AR750S-EXT,
i can plug my pixel 4a into the router and use usb tethering.
on the pixel 4a, i can start the wifi hotspot and connect the router to that, in repeater mode.

both ways work great.

so i am a bit confused about this works and the benefits?
as far as i know, visible does not offer modems of any kind.

in my experience, visible definely looks for abuse, as i ran into a issue, by accident
and lost access to the hotspot for a period of time.

and in the visible forums,
there are examples of users having their account permanently closed without warning.


The 4G routers added Visible profile and also configure Verizon correctly.

to all,
are there any gl-inet forum members using verizon visible with a 4G router?
what is the top speed, 5Mbps or what?

I am, on an AP1300LTE and E750. One is the ‘old’ $40/month plan, APN “VSBLINTERNET”, the ‘new’ $30/month plan in the AP1300LTE uses APN “internet” and has much lower latency, but more video content is throttled to ~2Mbps.

You’d be amazed at what a bit TTL tweaking and properly reporting IMEI will do as far as speed and not being disconnected by the carrier. :wink:


very interesting, good info.

maybe you could share, the results of a speedtest?

4G 路由器添加了可见配置文件并正确配置了 Verizon。

That’s going to heavily depend on tower capacity and load. I vary between 20-70Mbps with the AP1300. The E750 (which I let hop around automatically) varies between 5-50ish. It tends to really like band 13 (700Mhz), but is heavily congested. The ideal setup seems to be aggregating two band 66 (one 20Mhz, one 10Mhz), so on the AP1300 I let it aggregate 5 + 66 or 66 + 66 automatically for peak performance.

Online update for Beryl does not seem to be working? I get 100% in the app / admin panel and then am logged out. The router keeps blinking. I have waited an hour and it doesn’t stop. Cannot reconnect to router as admin (yes, I cleared browsing history). Then I switch it off and restart, update is shown as available again and has not been installed.

I have repeated this a few times before giving up.

What is your current firmware version?

Update: I used uBoot to sideload it.


AdGuard Home v0.107.15 and v3.215 cant update adguard

Are there any known issues with GL-AR300M16 Shadow on Version: 3.215 from 2022-09-21 05:57:10 because after updating to the latest stable firmware, I am facing many difficulties?

  • connect/reconnect to wireless networks doesn’t always work
  • connect/reconnect to wireguard servers doesn’t always work
  • web admin not always accessible (web server is down)

All mentioned issues get solved with a restart of GL-AR300M16 Shadow

After the upgrade on Brume 1 GL-MV1000, AdGuard home stopped working. Had to uninstall package, install again, and update though the UI to make it work. (DNS was not working at all, that’s how I realized it got stuck)

Can you do a firmware reset and start over?

Update: MT300N-V2 3.215 is drawn back due to a bug in wan recognization.

Using a GL-SF1200, there are error logs of the gl_monitor service trying to detect a VERIZON USB connection, the GL-SF1200 does not have a USB port so the error happens over and over so i disabled the gl_monitor service for the error logs to stop.

is the new version protected against that?

For QFirehose tools
Any instructions on how to use it to upgrade EC25 firmware?