Firmware v4.2.2 beta1 WebUI Inactive logout


I installed the v4.2.2 beta1 on my AR-750S recently and I have been really enjoying it.

Once thing I have noticed while testing is that when you are logged in to the WebUI it does not sign you out if you have been inactive. I logged in yesterday morning and this morning when I returned to the tab with the WebUI open I was still logged in.

Is this by design or can this be added as a feature that could also maybe be customizable via the settings?


No, it’s a bug in v4.2.2.
In the v4.5, it might provide the ability to set the automatic logout length. But in any case, it should not become longer until the user sets it manually.

We tested it and it did not reproduce the problem.
I guess the page was not closed and the browser did not automatically sleep the tab. so the page kept on requesting.

Sorry for the delay in response.

On Linux, I have tried Firebox and Brave browsers and left the tab alone while doing other things in order tabs, and the WebUI does not log me out. I have also left my laptop powered on for a number of hours without any user interaction at all, and I am seeing that I am still logged in when I come back and navigate to another tab with the GL WebUI.

I thought by default there would be an inactive session timeout that would cause a auto logout?


In the current version, it doesn’t have an inactive determination. It just calls the APIs to determine if it should be automatically logged out, and the open browser tab keeps polling for some status information, which causes it not to log out.
In a later version, we will change the way we update the page status and stop polling. This way it will be logged out when it is inactive.

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Ok, I am with you.

Thanks you for all the info on this and looking forward to seeing this get added soon!